Frequently Asked Questions

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Why do some IBE kids stay four years and some stay five?

Every IBE student will graduate with an IBE degree from the business school in their choice of engineering or business major. Some students stay an extra year and complete the engineering curriculum to get an engineering degree in their choice of engineering from the college of engineering finishing with two separate degrees. Some students can fit both degrees into four years if they come into their freshman year with credits. You will create your tentative schedule in your IBE first year seminar to plan out what track works best for you, but you have time to decide. 


How does registration work and when do I register?

First semester freshman registration takes place in July. A tentative freshman year schedule can be found on the website under the curriculum section ( You also can reach out to your mentor with any scheduling advice or questions. Professor Storer and Kish will reach out to all incoming freshmen with more registration information. 


What are the different placement tests options?

Incoming freshmen can take a calculus placement test to test out of calculus 1 prior to the start of the fall semester. Students who get a 4 or a 5 on the AP calculus exam will test out of calculus and do not need to take this exam. 


What are some extracurriculars that I can join? 

Lehigh offers over 200 clubs and organizations that students can join. The club fair is a great opportunity for freshmen to get involved in different clubs. The IBE council is a club run by IBE students and it is a great way for freshmen to get involved in the IBE program outside of the classroom. 


How do I determine if I will get credit for an AP exam I took? 

All AP credit information can be found on Lehigh's website ( It is important to send your AP scores to Lehigh in order for you to receive transfer credit. 


I'm trying to decide what type of engineering I want to do, where can I look to see the types of classes I would be taking?

IBE students who choose to focus in engineering can choose to major in any engineering that is offered in the college of engineering. On the IBE website under the curriculum section ( you can look at the curriculum plans for all the different majors to see what classes you would take. 


What is an IBE engineering degree?

An IBE engineering degree is a degree in your choice of engineering from the college of business. You will take a majority of the engineering curriculum and the business core classes all IBE students take. 


What are the two possible 5 year track options?

Students who choose the dual degree option have two paths. The first option is an IBE engineering degree from the college of business and an engineering degree from the college of engineering in the same engineering focus. The second option is an IBE business degree from the college of business in your choice of business and an engineering degree from the college of engineering in your choice of engineering. 


Should I be taking summer classes going into my freshman year and if so what ones?

Some IBE students take classes over the summer to help fit the dual degree option into four years. It is definitely not required but can be helpful with this process. Professor Storer, Professor Kish, your mentor, or an upperclassmen IBE student can help you determine what classes would be most beneficial for you.