Which Courses Will I Take in the IBE Honors Program?

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Curriculum Outline: Not for the squeamish

With a rigorous requirement of 137 credit hours in only four years, the IBE Honors Program is not for the squeamish -- it's intended for the University's brightest students who are not afraid to work hard and who are interested in being uniquely qualified to become leaders in business and industry. The program is created in the Lehigh tradition -- admit very good students; challenge them to work hard in a demanding and innovative environment; graduate men and women with the skills and talents that are necessary for success in today's rapidly evolving workplace.

The 137 credits of the IBE Honors Program can be broken down as follows:

Degree Requirements




English Composition and Literature 3 Engl 1 (Composition and Literature I)
Humanities and Social Science Electives 6


Math and Science Core 31

Engr 10 (Engineering Computations), or CSc 11 (Introduction to Computing) 

Math 21, 22, 23 (Calculus I, II and III)

Math 231 (Probability and Statistics)

Physics 11, 12, 21 and 22 (Introductory Physics I and II with labs)

Chem 30 (Introductory Chemical Principles)

Engineering Core 20

Courses depend on major

Business and Economics Core 33

Acct 151 and 152 (Introduction to Financial Accounting and Managerial Accounting)

Eco 001 (Principles of Economics)

BUS003 (Business Communications 1)

BIS044 (Business Analytics 1)

Eco 146 (Microeconomics) or Eco 119 (Macroeconomics)

Fin 125 (Introduction to Finance) 

BUS203 (Business Communications 2)

BIS244 (Business Analytics 2)

Law 201 (Legal Environment of Business) 

Mgt 043 (Managing and Leading People in Organizations) 

Mkt 111 (Principles of Marketing) 

Mgt 243 (Leadership in Organizations) 

Major 24 Specific courses in business or engineering that depend on the major selected
Integrated Courses in IBE 12

Freshman Seminar (1 credit)

Freshman Workshop (3 credits)

Sophomore Lab (1 credit)

Junior Lab (1 credit)

Senior Project (6 credits)

Free Electives 7 May be taken from any department in the University 
Summer Internships 0

At least one professional internship is required 

Other internships, including an international internship, are strongly encouraged 


This is a minimum number of credits 

The actual number of credits taken would depend upon advanced placement credits 



Detailed Curriculum Information by Major

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