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How do I apply for admission to the IBE Honors Program?

Admission to the Integrated Business and Engineering Honors Program is highly selective, with annual admission limited to approximately 50 students.

You should apply to Lehigh University following the standard procedures and indicate on the application form that you are applying for the IBE Honors Program.

The deadline for IBE applications is January 1st. If you wish to be considered for regular admission to either the College of Business and Economics or the Rossin College of Engineering and Applied Science in the event that you are not admitted to the IBE Honors Program, please indicate that on your application.

The University's Office of Admissions (610-758-3100) can provide further details for applying to the University and the IBE Honors Program.

Can I transfer into the IBE Honors Program after I've been at Lehigh for a while?

It is possible that a small number of exceptional students may be admitted to the program following the completion of their freshman year. Admission at this point would be highly competitive and based upon freshman year GPA, faculty recommendations, and space availability.  The IBE Program will not consider transfers beyond the end of a student's first year. If interested, reach out to our codirector Professor Storer at for more details.