IBE Freshman Seminar: Thinking Big While Planning for the Future

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IBE 010 Integrated Business and Engineering Freshman Seminar (1) Fall Semester
Introduction to the various business and engineering professions through a series of presentations and demonstrations offered by faculty and business and industry leaders. Emphasis is on the diversity of business and engineering career opportunities and the associated curricular choices. Other topics include leadership, team building and career planning. Students are required to create their web page and post their four-year curriculum plan and an updated resume. Open only to first-year students in the Integrated Business and Engineering Honors Program.


The principle objectives of the course are to introduce the IBE Honors Program and to encourage students to "think big" as they plan both their four or five years at Lehigh and their career path after graduation.

Teaching Approach

The department chair from each of the various engineering and business majors makes a presentation designed to acquaint students with his or her particular area as a potential major within the IBE Program. Since students must select a major from either engineering or business in the spring semester, these presentations are invaluable. In the case of the engineering departments, lab tours are required.

Other Lehigh faculty and staff conduct seminars dealing with topics such as leadership, team building and career planning. IBE students are encouraged to become campus leaders either in their living group, their sports team, a club or some other campus group. The leadership seminar helps students understand the very different ways people can be "leaders" in an organization. Since much of the integrated course work within the IBE Honors Program involves students working in teams, the team buidling seminar is good preparation for understanding how teams need to function if a project is to be completed.  Students are also required to post to their personal web page an updated resume.

Special Opportunities

IBE students have the opportunity to learn from those who not only "talk the talk" but who, more importantly, also "walk the walk". Successful business practitioners are invited to campus to speak with the IBE students. These talks are usually quite informal with pizza and plenty of opportunity for Q & A. Since Fall 2000, our guests have included Mr. Jeffrey Luker (Lehigh '76), Senior Partner, Accenture; Dr. Michael Zisman (Lehigh '70), CEO, Lotus Development Corp.; Mr. Pete Musser (Lehigh '49), CEO, Safeguard Scientifics, Inc.; Mr. Jeffrey L. Kenner (Lehigh '65), President, Kenner & Co.; Dr. Steven K. Kreider (Lehigh '79) Morgan Stanley-Dean Witter and (formerly) Cincinnati Bengals Football Team; and George N. Kledaras (Lehigh '87), President, Javelin Technologies.