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Class of 2017

Below are links to the students that participated in the IBE program for the given year. Where applicable, they have given their permission to be contacted about their experiences with the IBE Honors Program at Lehigh University.

Stephanie Behrens
Roger Blumin
Min Sung Cho
Aaron Cohen
Alan Dale
David Danko
Evan Eckersley
Korey Finn
Brandon Fuerst
Justin Gottlieb
Kyle Lupo
James Mannherz
Brian Scheidle
Carolyn Seiter
Cory Spranger
Jeanne Tong
Cody Triolo
Cody Triolo
Andrew Ulloa
Matthew Vine
Olga Voronetskaya

Credit Suisse

Kelley Weibezahl
Jonathan Whitcraft
Robert Witkowski
Stephen Yenouskas